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A few words about us

Our father, Anthony Hatzinikolaou (Tony Stevens) was a Greek-Australian immigrant who moved back to his homeland Kos in 1967 and was an English teacher, translator and scholar for most of his life. He was a farmer's son and, upon retiring, made a little vineyard, mostly as a hobby. Things changed when he discovered the almost extinct ancient variety now known as “Black Lady” (Mavrothyliko in Greek). He decided to protect it and cultivate it, and dreamt of one day having his own winery where this amazing grape could be turned into wine. Unfortunately he was killed in a tragic accident in April 2013 while planting the vines, and never saw our winery completed. We decided that his legacy should live on, and fulfilled his dream a few months later.

Since then, our winery has grown in size and fame, using traditional methods as well as innovative techniques to produce high quality wines at relatively low prices. You can try all of our wines for free, and buy them at most supermarkets and restaurants, as well as some hotels around the island. Or, you can contact us directly and order your bottle by phone, email or through our e-shop.





Steve Jaqvaar

I have spent most of my life as a rock singer, which is still my main source of income.
I have also worked as a radio presenter, record producer and journalist, as well as a teacher and translator.
Generally nothing to do with farming, or wine.
But life threw me into a big vat of wine, and I had to learn to swim.
It's actually a fun job, hard but interesting.
And I'm always learning something new every day.


Petronela Ticu

My beautiful wife is more of a farmer than I am.
She trained as a nurse in the USA, but moved to Kos in 2009.
Her name means "rock" and she is my rock.
We have a collection of 5 wonderful children, some of which help out at the vineyard and winery.

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